Hi I'm Logan Storti

I partner with digital coaches & creators so they can focus on content while I run all their marketing for them (completely on a revenue share).After starting out as a copywriter, I realized that I could improve people's landing pages, funnels, and email marketing with enough practice. 4 years and nearly 40 clients later, that's exactly what I do.Currently on a waitlist. I'm maxed out on client work and really enjoy the projects I'm a part of. If you'd like to work with me (or even just have a quick question) shoot me an email here: sales@loganstorti.com, and I'll get back to you within a day or two with how I can help.

After coming on as head of marketing...

Within two weeks of working with this company, I managed to increase the conversion rates by nearly 200%. driving traffic to stand-alone landing pages.

We've also seen a dramatic increase in sales since I came on. With more optimized product launches, landing pages, and overall CRO, we've seen a $6k increase in monthly sales.

My Most Recent Coaching Client:

After building out the system over a four-week period we were able to launch her new program at $1250. Within 4 days she had 10 new clients sign up (some with payment plans). At the end of the week, she made $9,133.90.

My opt-in page record...

While my pages convert at 53% on average... this one is special because it converts at over 84%! I haven't found a way to beat it yet but I'd love to try with your brand ;)

Want to test things out for yourself?

Book a free 15-minute call with me below to see if we're a good fit. Worst case scenario we're not and I give you some steps to take moving forward.